Check out Serge Ramelli’s Youtube channel! He has over 400 tutorials on photography, he is the number channel on Lightroom worldwide. If you want great tricks and tips photography check him, out!


I´ve talked about photographer Serge Ramelli before on the blog, but today´s different. He uploaded a YouTube video today giving away his favorite Lightroom presets, showing a bit of his workflow, and a giving us the opportunity to win one of his free courses by writing in our blogs, so here´s mine.

I´ve been following Serge for about a year now and he has shown me most of what I know to do with Lightroom, I already had some of the free presets he has on his website, which I´ll link below so you can check it out.

Hope you like his tutorials and learn lots of new things to take your photos to the next level!

Be happy!

– Charlie Ysasi